Saturday, 21 June 2008

Musical Comfort

Last night, after much effort i have finished stitching this 'Musical Comfort' design. took me almost a year to finish it as i stitched on and off. even hubby was sarcastically commented how slow i stitched this project.
aaa. ok. next time ah. i'll stitched non-stop lah. no cooking (macam la slalu masak pon. he he). no washing aaaait. :P
have yet to frame the project. my pocket tgh gawat.

my next project
Design: Anchor InterMezzo 'Bathroom'
Fabric: 28ct evenweave
Thread: Anchor Stranded Cotton (25 colours)

in the photo (clockwise): bobbins, Evenweave fabric, 'Bathroom' sampler chart, Anchor threads, bobbin winder, Q-snap


  1. wei... mana aku punye? janji nak bagi satu.. oklah.. aku bayar kat ko.. tapi harga kos.. hehehhe..

  2. aa... mana satu ko mau? yg musical comfort tu ka?
    aku bagi rega kos...
    but frame ko gi buat sendiri aaaa...
    kang tak match plak ngan banglo ko tu :P

  3. yg tu aku nak.. kat bathroom, kat bilik2.. kat dapur...sume nak..
    hehehhehe.... banglo aku besar.. satu mana cukup..