Thursday, 28 August 2008

outstation: Port Dickson

will be off to Port Dickson in 30 minutes time. (sempat lagi tu post blog :P)
just finish doing some phone calls to lots of people due to urgent task yesterday afternoon. semput gila! got to submit the report by Friday next week. as i'll be out station until saturday, public holiday on Monday. be back in office on Tuesday. soooo.... i only have Tuesday + Wednesday + half of Friday to work on the task. sakit...sakit...

other staff will leave at 2pm but i have to leave earlier as i am one of the programme committee. kind of bidang terjun sebab ganti org last minute pagi semalam. hahahhahaha

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Mamma Mia! The Movie

Mamma mia, here I go again. My, my, how can I resist you?

Can't wait to watch this movie!
a bit keen to watch Meryl Streep dancing away in this movie
as compared to her previous role in 'the devils wear prada'..the cold bos

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Review: Susuk

watch this last night. at first i tried to convince hubby to watch it on Sunday. his usual reply
"what for watching malay movie... just wait for hari raya. for sure they will air it that time"


i dont normally watch malay movie at cinema. don't know why this time teringin sangat nak watch this movie.
then yesterday after office hour, i went to cineleisure and bought 1 ticket to watch it. since hubby mentioned earlier that he'll be late (got to submit TC).
after getting the ticket. i call him to inform that i'll be late as well...end up he is actually on the way home.
so..apa lagi.. pujuk2 soh teman me tgh citer seram tu jugak la. ehehehehe... (ada hati tu nak tengok citer seram sorang2...hak hak tak percaya je)
cepat2 gi beli tiket satu lagi. sib baik laa ada lagi tiketnya.. hek... sebaris tu pon kosong lagi :D
ehem. saya memang penakut tengok citer2 serem nih..ha ha ha. sampai hubby naik fed up. sikit2 tutup muka ngan tangan. kikikiki. buang duit je kata dia. baik tengok Dark Nite skali lagi. hampeh.

about the movie

story line dia lain dari malay movie nyer genre.
banyak flashback that you would not realise until the end of the movie. bila dah ends baru la terperasan. oooooooooooo.. masa diana rafar nyer watak is a flashback rupanyaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
i like this movie!
sebab kena pikir2 sket bila movie dah abes.

Bowling anyone?

long overdue posting on bowling :P

i joined a bowling tournament organised by IIUM library on 9th August at Endah Parade (cannot remember what the bowling centre name is).
mind you. i was imported into the team...The Senorita.
u will think that i am so good at bowling
one more time
i only bowl once a year OK
there are 2 match. Double and a team of four bowlers.
during double...4 games..aiyooooh... so proud to announce....
i manage to take down the lowest number of pins in total...
u will feel pity to the team that import me right?
i think they did! hehe


tebus maruah
during team event..another 4 games.. by the time we reach the 3rd game .. my fingers feel numb already.
i did help the team on the last game though... manage to take down 141 pins.
mind u
during team event i did manage to take down more than 100 pins on each game. ehem..ehem. not bad at all ...except for the double event :P

we WON 3rd place for team event. the prize.. RM25 each... ihiks

Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy birthday Adik! 080808

today is Adik 5th birthday
cantik betul tarikh birthday tahun ni :)
this cake is for her nursery
last weekend while shopping we asked her to choose which cake she would like and she chose a small cake with flower deco
then this morning (before she has a chance to look at her cake), she complained that if we did bought that small cake she chose it might not sufficient
"tak cukup nanti kawan2 adik nak makan"
then i show her the cake we bought
she does not know the size of it as its in a box

baru la senyum lebar

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

I got this award from
Mus. TQ for the award though my blog ni tak seberapa sangat.

Here's the rules :
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

The award goes to :

-not nominating anyone..buleh?

Friday, 1 August 2008

Photos: Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta seems to be a nice clean city. minus the smell of horses in some place of course. mode of transport for tourist is 'beca' and horse carriage. we only try riding the horse carriage once as we could not stand the smell.
We mostly took 'beca'. we are suppose to be exercising while shopping (carrying all the bags and purchase items). but then... with the 'beca' service...suddenly came sooo lazy. as it is rather cheap compared to what will happen to our hands carrying the heavy begs. their charges varried..some asked for 5000 rupiah, 10000rupiah...depends on the distance of journey.

since we ride in hour shopping bags we normally paid more laa.. kesian wooooooooo..penat orang tu kayuh beca.

the funny things is.. Kota Bharu also got 'beca' but how come i never ride one? humm..must try la latter on.

On Monday morning we went to this Istana Keraton..apparently jogja still have their King and he still leave in the istana. The public have access to certain area only such as their ceremony hall. We went there at 8am then found out it only open from 9.30am.
isk.. couldn't wait that long ..still got lots of shopping to do as we have to check out of the hotel @ 12pm and travel back to Solo.
in the end i only snap this one lousy photo in front of the palace entrance.

riding back to Jln Malioboro.. with beca of course.
in Jogja n solo.. every 4 junction road have a monument. as u can see in the photo.

is it another palace?
its a bank la!

arrived at our destination
Beringharjo Market!
shopping time

mosque beside the market

inside the market.
forgot to snap whole market interior

then at 1pm we depart to Solo. but stop first for lunch ..nasi padang..

arrived in Solo at 3.45pm and was inform by the hotel potter that the Klewer market closed @ 4pm. Darn. previously some one else inform us it is closed at 6pm.
we plan to rehat first. but with the news. apa lagi.. trus lock hotel room and took a beca ride to the market.

pengayuh beca tu selamba je jalan ikut one way street. IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION!
kita org dok asik menjerit je (menjerit slow2 laa)
mana taknya.. motor laju2 dok datang ke arah kami...
pehtu dia org belok nak elak kami

huhuhuh..terasa angin laju2 tu.
nak kata horror ride tak jugak
seronok ada la..hehehehe
apparently kalo naik beca jadi cam raja jalan la weh. tak de sapa marah..dia org bagi jalan ada laaaa

ok. tu aja experience. kalo tanya setiap sorang yg join travel ni..for sure dia org jawab ni la


best nya kalo bleh naik beca dari Masjid Jamek ke Jalan TAR :)

Photos: Candi Borobudur

one of the many sourvenir shop

The entrance to candi

just after the entrance

the pathway

map n instruction

here we are! ready...get set...

some signage

the candi after one level of step hiking

more rules

while our appointed tour guard was busy briefing the history of the candi, i was busy snapping photos

another one with Mount Merapi in the background

closed up

Trip to Solo n Jogjakarta

I went to Jogjakarta on Sunday (27 July) and came back here on the 29th.

we flew with Airasia from LCCT to Solo airport and from there to Jogja by coach.

The trip was intended for shopping only but we did drop by at Candi Borubudur and track back to jogja city. as the travel agent mention that we will be staying at 2 * hotel we were quite surprised finding out that the hotel is not bad at all. very comfortable indeed. except for food. the hotel served java food for dinner n breakfast. not my taste.



Solo - Mount Merapi in the background. it still active...smoke coming out continously

Bus stop. looks like they have better service.

tong gas kecik2 kiut miut je