Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy birthday Adik! 080808

today is Adik 5th birthday
cantik betul tarikh birthday tahun ni :)
this cake is for her nursery
last weekend while shopping we asked her to choose which cake she would like and she chose a small cake with flower deco
then this morning (before she has a chance to look at her cake), she complained that if we did bought that small cake she chose it might not sufficient
"tak cukup nanti kawan2 adik nak makan"
then i show her the cake we bought
she does not know the size of it as its in a box

baru la senyum lebar


  1. Wishkan Happy Birthday to adik ye! =D Must be a really lucky girl to have a good luck charm date as her birthday... ;)

  2. happy besday to ´'adik'....tanya mommy bile pula adik nak ber'adik'ni...heheheheheh