Saturday, 31 May 2008

Good music from Cromok - not singing though


bersedia utk ditembak by epong and the geng.

i've known their music (Cromok) during a level. the most catchy one... i meant.. the most played on guitar by my friends during that time is the instrumental of 'Another You' ...betul ke tu tajuk nya?
memang so touchy la that song.

Then during balik kampung journey last 3 days my hubby played Cromok full album. Hummm... being brainwashed again. but i still cannot listen to other songs. why? i cannot understand or listen even one word of lyrics their vocalist are singing! aiyaaaaaaaa. Their music is superb. I can stand listening to their music all 7 hours throughout the journey. but not when its involve singing. No offense. maybe i'm not a heavy metal followers. yes. i'm NOT. tembak ler kalo nak tembak poooooooon :P.

I did ask hubby
'can you even understand what the vocalist are singing?'

his answer
'its Cromok..they are the top underground band... his vocal is one can copycat his vocal...if you read the lyrics (mind you, need to have lyrics on hand) will see that its wording is superb'

i was
'HEH. what the purpose of listening to a song if you cannot even understand what words they are singing?'

I rest my case la. cannot lawan mat rock kapak :P

Friday, 30 May 2008

Mazehan Wedding

just got back in KL last night. we arrived around 12am. luckily i'm still on leave today. 

some photos from my niece wedding in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Cuti2 Kelantan

Today we are going back to my hometown for 3 days...yippeeeeeeeeeey.

We'll be attending my eldest niece wedding. urghhh...last year my second niece that got married a year earlier gave birth to a baby boy. i feel really old now.

Got to stop here as i haven't finish packing. tata titu

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Super Fudge Brownies

Martha Stewart recipee

8 tablespoon  Unsalted Butter
(I used about 150gm, i.e. 3x50gm..senggatan tu ada kat butter packaging)
1 cup All purpose flour
1/4 cup Cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon Baking powder
1/2 teaspoon Salt
8 oz  Cooking chocolate
1 1/4 cup  Sugar
3 large Eggs

I add
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 cup chopped nuts (almond / walnut etc)

How to do it?

1) Preheat oven to 350F. Grease 2" deep baking pan.
2) In a bowl, whisk flour + cocoa powder + baking powder + salt
3) Place butter and cooking chocolate in a bowl and heat using double boiling method. whisk until smooth. remove from heat.
4) From mixture (3), add sugar ...whisk. add eggs... whisk. add vanilla essence ...whisk. Add flour (2) and mix with wooden spatula until moistened. finally add nuts. 
5) pour the mixture into baking pan and baked for 45 minutes. the duration of baking is depends on your oven. My oven only needs 30 minutes for a fudgy brownies. if i let it to 45min it will becomes a bit dry (like cakes).

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour very poor result :(

in an attempt to win dinner ticket from Nuffnang :P

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

We just came back from watching this movie. if i were to give star on this movie? i'll give all star that will be given to me. he he. i'm an indiana jones fan laaaaa.

SPOILER ahead. SPOILER ahead.

as you noticed from the trailer, Indie now has a son! but who's the mother? no other than Marion (Raiders of the Lost Ark). its very sweet when they both met again, Marion with her girlish thing when she found out Dr. Jones still love her. he he.

Shea Le Bou (forgive me if the spelling is wrong) carry his character really well. breathtaking performance during sword fight on the army jeep. he he he. alright..not that breathtaking but i really like that scene okay.

And not forget when Indie and Marion fall into quicksand, Mutt (thats Shea) have to find something to help them. and what did he bring/found? a large rat snake!!!! wa hahhahahahahah. the whole cinema burst out laughing i tell you! in case some of you forgot, Indie worst fear is SNAKE.

wont tell you the ending. go and watch it. this morning was really crowded at Cineleisure. apparently there are at least 3 corporate company sponsoring their staff (i guess) to watch Indie movie. isk.. which forced us to watch in a small screen. but i kind of like the small screen now. its not the screen that smaller, its the size of cinema is smaller. its less cold and much more comfortable really (because warmer laaaa).

OK. need to wait for the DVD to come out for collection :)

Peta minda: Tomorrow need to
- buy ticket for high school musical on ice
- buy wedding present for niece

Friday, 23 May 2008

TI Code Composer

am stuck in the office as i have to standby receiving lots of phone calls. Was suppose to be debugging path for TI Code Composer Studio. Rather than doing nothing might as well i write something on debugging thing. The problem?

(click for larger picture)
i've sent this error message to my supplier and was informed that there are some error in path variables. then he emailed me the instruction on how to debug.

(click for larger picture)

i've spent around 15 minutes to understand the instruction. with some interruption with lots of phone calls of course. cannot concentrate. haiyoooh.

when i finally got a hang on how to tackel it, the supplier for Matlab arrived. eeeeeeeeeek. tension. very tension. highly preasured. so the debugging thing have to postpone as need to concentrate on Matlab installation.

After 1/2 hour of briefing on what his going to do in setting up server that i requested, i went back to debugging thing. need to go through each line of path. then found 1 path missing. grrrrrr. by that time Matlab guy already finished installation (with the help of my TA of course). then when i tried to test whether my debugging working or not we found out that there are some IP conflict. The PC i'm currently working on cannot pull license from the newly created server as its not within the same switching group. damn it! not his fault though. the fault is ours.

was planning to come back to the lab after the long lunch hour (its Friday..remember :) ). but then i just realised that I have to standby receiving phone calls in the office. aaaaaaaaaaaaa... when am i going to settle the digital com lab problem. tension la ini macam :(

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Sundance Software Design Radio

The 4 MIMO board without its casing
Kisah training selama 2 hari.

Aaaaaaaaa. tak sukanya pegi training yang ni. sebab apa? sebab it consist of C++ programming. ambikkkkkkkkkk. benda yang paling di benci dalam hidup. tapi masa study dulu tak suka C programming, sebab kami tak belajar C++. what the heck, similar la tu C++ ngan C. beza tang cara nak tulis coding sikit2 je.

Ok. About the training.

The training is on Sundance DSP n FPGA Software Design Radio board. complicated gila. We purchase 2 type of boards, standard board which will be used for Undergraduate teaching lab and 4 MIMO board which cater for research.Haa, apa lagi. sesapa yang involve in research and you need to utilise this kind of board, you can come to IIUM, but you need to pay some fees la. err.. we have another board which carry different brand you know. I'll tell you about it later. Now lets concentrate on Sundance board.

To program the DSP, you can either use Code Composer or Sundance software which work much better in programming their board. Its called Diamond. According to them, Diamond capable to handle multi-processor boards, it can do debugging for multi-processor. Using this software, we can create a lot of task within one project. Nak senang cerita. Kalau 1 project tu besar gila, kita boleh assign different engineer for each task. Yang complicated masa awal2 cuma nak get used to linking these tasks together. kena tambah dalam 2-3 line of coding je dalam C++ tu.

JEEEE? ehehehehhe. cam terer je. padahal time org tu mengajar, satu2 line dia kena explain the flow of program. huhuhu. malu gila! dah la org tu is Managing Director company tu. Kalau nak kenen2 mintak keje dengan company dia (in future la, macam la kita nak pon sebab tak suka programming nih), for sure awal2 lagi dia reject. ha ha ha.

Masa awal2 en. pengajar tu cakap software tu kena program pakai C++. jam tu jugak rasa nak pitam la, nak muntah la. macam2 perasaan ada. 8 tahun wooooooooo tinggal terus bende alah ni. Then during training dia mula bercerita on STACK, THREADS, SEMAPHORES, VOLATILE. I was like whaaaaaaaaaat? jam jam tu jugak nak muntah darah. The only thing i can remember is printf, muahahahaha. pastu ingat la jugak word ARRAY, tapi nak buat tak tau :D.

2nd day ok sikit. sebab the training focused more on the hardware part. aaaa, yang tu interesting la.

Hari ni ada lagi sikit2 nak kena settle on software installation for all PCs in the lab. banyak keje nih. dah 2 hari tak buat apa sebab training punya pasal.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Silver Jubilee

Not me as i'm way over 25th this year :P. This will be a short post with lots of photos as I'm too sleepy now.

Today is the grand launching of IIUM Silver Jubilee Celebration, the launching was officiated by our Prime Minister.
Now, I have a training today which has to be cut short as all staff need to be at CAC (Cultural Activity Centre) by 4.30pm. I'll elaborate more on the training part tomorrow, quite a horror really.

OK. Back to Silver Jubilee.

PM was supposed to arrive at 5pm, but I think he arrived latter than that.Forgot to bring digital camera, snapping with camera phone instead.

The very first thing that catch my eyes is THIS

Waaaaa.... program book nya lawa gila!
The finishing is Matt laminated, wordings and silver jubilee logo are embosed with UV finishing (I think). It looks so GRAND. I curi satu copy program book lagi (dah org tinggalkan, dia tak nak la tu), going to use it as a sample for next project.

PM with the new Minister of Higher Education and IIUM Rector

PM giving his speech. quite lengthy.

After the gimmick of officiation

No photos or video during gimmick as my handphone run out of memory space. isk..isk..
The gimmick was AWSOME! Gong keluar slowly towards PM (nanti nak korek ngan my staff how they do that). then PM palu gong itu 5 times. after each paluan kluar gema through sound system. lepas tu kami2 smua sedikit basah. b'cos confetti n bubbles falling from ceiling onto us. banyak pulak tu confetti nya. sapa la yang tak bernasib baik kena potong bende2 itu. hi hi hi
The gimmick was prepared by Staff and students of Kulliyah of Engineering. hoooooooray!

The door gift!!!
lets look what inside

A mug


Photos of brownies baked yesterday :)

Brownies ready for Adik to brought to school.
I didn't put any nuts in case there are any kids with nut allergy in her class.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Rice crisp cereal bar

Yesterday I attempted to bake rice crisp cereal bar for my kids. I've put too many rice pop laaaa, so the results is... a fall out cereal bar hu hu hu. tak pe, I still have half of the home baked marshmallow to be experiment again next week.

Home made marshmallow
(b'cos could not find it in hypermarket)

Marshmallow + rice krispie

The taste? a bit sweet...i added choc chip. sedaaaaaaaaap.
Here is recipe for marshmallow and rice crisp.
To Aisha (in case you are reading this) thanks to your sis for this marvelous recipe link that i found from her blog :D

Today I'm going to bake brownies. Adik need to bring some food for Teachers Day event at her class tomorrow.

The ingredient: Cooking choc, all purpose flour, butter and baking powder

haa here is video of Adik during sports day. She took part in 'membawa bola dalam SENDUK'  tehehehe

lari laju sangat, sampai bola jatuh. Dah dapat nombor last :(

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Adiks' Sports Day

The school sports day was held last month (14 April). The photos was stored in hubby's laptop, just got it transfered into my Mac last night :)

Getting ready for opening


Persembahan dgn pom-pom

with Ayah n Kakak

Kakak so menyebuk

On your mark....... (bawak bola dalam SENDUK tuuu...huhuhuhu)

Hadiah...penat tunggu tgh2 panas.

I have uploaded 2 videos but its not 'live' yet.. so i'll include it tomorrow ait..

Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian

Before heading to Cineleisure to watch 'Narnia', we went to Mamak restaurant for breakfast, we were having the normal roti canai... lama betul tak makan roti canai....sedaaaaaap (ayat utk menjeleskan org kat overseas :P

Kakak with her roti kosong

and adik with hers

Kakak showing off her rabbit teeth :D

The Movie - Narnia

The movie was schedule at 10.45am. its a bit slow. got a bit bored waiting for the war scene but its paid off with an incredible scene when trees came helping Narnias towards the end of war (oopsss... spoiler there)
The girl casted as 'Susan' still looked liked she could not carry that character... macam tak dapat menghayati watak je..same as the previous Narnias' movie. Among the four kids, Edmund and Lucy seems to carry the character really well. 

Friday, 16 May 2008

Teachers Day (Part I)

Happy teachers day to all teachers around the world!

Quite a chaotic morning today as my daughter just inform me this morning that she was supposed to bring present for her teacher.

haiya... where am i supposed to buy present early in the morning?...7-eleven aaaa? so lazy to walk laaaa :P .. kakak crying non-stop..even refuse to wear her school uniform.

while thinking idea burst out in my mind... 'hmm..why not we give jigsaw puzzle (we have plenty of it in our house)'

then kakak came to me and mention the exact same thing! so there is an invisible link of mother to daughter ehhhhh...

So its settled that the present will be jigsaw puzzle... kakak stopped crying instantly...with a smile on her face. BUT ayah have to wrap it :)

Thursday, 15 May 2008


Its been such a long time i did not updated this blog. well... i'm not a diary keeper type of person. will try my best to update this blog as frequent as possible :)

Today is the last day of conferences organised by my institution. been very busy for the past 1 month preparing for this conferences. My job printing the program book & proceeding, co-secretary ...and the list go on...ha ha ha... so thats why i am so drained out on this last day.
Alhamdulillah ... the printed items came without any error from the printer company, quite a surprise though as normally they will be double image, pages stick together and etc for the coloured pages. i am sooooo happy as this will be considered a job well done.... hoooray!

mental note for NEXT conference:
1) never opt for co-secretary (as the chairman tends to give you extra job.. yaaa... not many people in the meeting room.. so normally you will be given the task discussed during the meeting)
2) NO NO to Registration committee (quite a headache you know dealing with people ...he he)
3) try not to get my hand on printing job.... he he ... will be a bit difficult to run away from this task anymore :(