Friday, 23 May 2008

TI Code Composer

am stuck in the office as i have to standby receiving lots of phone calls. Was suppose to be debugging path for TI Code Composer Studio. Rather than doing nothing might as well i write something on debugging thing. The problem?

(click for larger picture)
i've sent this error message to my supplier and was informed that there are some error in path variables. then he emailed me the instruction on how to debug.

(click for larger picture)

i've spent around 15 minutes to understand the instruction. with some interruption with lots of phone calls of course. cannot concentrate. haiyoooh.

when i finally got a hang on how to tackel it, the supplier for Matlab arrived. eeeeeeeeeek. tension. very tension. highly preasured. so the debugging thing have to postpone as need to concentrate on Matlab installation.

After 1/2 hour of briefing on what his going to do in setting up server that i requested, i went back to debugging thing. need to go through each line of path. then found 1 path missing. grrrrrr. by that time Matlab guy already finished installation (with the help of my TA of course). then when i tried to test whether my debugging working or not we found out that there are some IP conflict. The PC i'm currently working on cannot pull license from the newly created server as its not within the same switching group. damn it! not his fault though. the fault is ours.

was planning to come back to the lab after the long lunch hour (its Friday..remember :) ). but then i just realised that I have to standby receiving phone calls in the office. aaaaaaaaaaaaa... when am i going to settle the digital com lab problem. tension la ini macam :(

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