Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian

Before heading to Cineleisure to watch 'Narnia', we went to Mamak restaurant for breakfast, we were having the normal roti canai... lama betul tak makan roti canai....sedaaaaaap (ayat utk menjeleskan org kat overseas :P

Kakak with her roti kosong

and adik with hers

Kakak showing off her rabbit teeth :D

The Movie - Narnia

The movie was schedule at 10.45am. its a bit slow. got a bit bored waiting for the war scene but its paid off with an incredible scene when trees came helping Narnias towards the end of war (oopsss... spoiler there)
The girl casted as 'Susan' still looked liked she could not carry that character... macam tak dapat menghayati watak je..same as the previous Narnias' movie. Among the four kids, Edmund and Lucy seems to carry the character really well. 


  1. ces!lame xmkn roti canai ni.jeles2!huhu

  2. muahahahah...sila2 la tebar roti sendiri kat sana..
    err...summer hol. tak balik kampung ke?