Saturday, 31 May 2008

Good music from Cromok - not singing though


bersedia utk ditembak by epong and the geng.

i've known their music (Cromok) during a level. the most catchy one... i meant.. the most played on guitar by my friends during that time is the instrumental of 'Another You' ...betul ke tu tajuk nya?
memang so touchy la that song.

Then during balik kampung journey last 3 days my hubby played Cromok full album. Hummm... being brainwashed again. but i still cannot listen to other songs. why? i cannot understand or listen even one word of lyrics their vocalist are singing! aiyaaaaaaaa. Their music is superb. I can stand listening to their music all 7 hours throughout the journey. but not when its involve singing. No offense. maybe i'm not a heavy metal followers. yes. i'm NOT. tembak ler kalo nak tembak poooooooon :P.

I did ask hubby
'can you even understand what the vocalist are singing?'

his answer
'its Cromok..they are the top underground band... his vocal is one can copycat his vocal...if you read the lyrics (mind you, need to have lyrics on hand) will see that its wording is superb'

i was
'HEH. what the purpose of listening to a song if you cannot even understand what words they are singing?'

I rest my case la. cannot lawan mat rock kapak :P

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