Saturday, 24 May 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

We just came back from watching this movie. if i were to give star on this movie? i'll give all star that will be given to me. he he. i'm an indiana jones fan laaaaa.

SPOILER ahead. SPOILER ahead.

as you noticed from the trailer, Indie now has a son! but who's the mother? no other than Marion (Raiders of the Lost Ark). its very sweet when they both met again, Marion with her girlish thing when she found out Dr. Jones still love her. he he.

Shea Le Bou (forgive me if the spelling is wrong) carry his character really well. breathtaking performance during sword fight on the army jeep. he he he. alright..not that breathtaking but i really like that scene okay.

And not forget when Indie and Marion fall into quicksand, Mutt (thats Shea) have to find something to help them. and what did he bring/found? a large rat snake!!!! wa hahhahahahahah. the whole cinema burst out laughing i tell you! in case some of you forgot, Indie worst fear is SNAKE.

wont tell you the ending. go and watch it. this morning was really crowded at Cineleisure. apparently there are at least 3 corporate company sponsoring their staff (i guess) to watch Indie movie. isk.. which forced us to watch in a small screen. but i kind of like the small screen now. its not the screen that smaller, its the size of cinema is smaller. its less cold and much more comfortable really (because warmer laaaa).

OK. need to wait for the DVD to come out for collection :)

Peta minda: Tomorrow need to
- buy ticket for high school musical on ice
- buy wedding present for niece

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