Friday, 16 May 2008

Teachers Day (Part I)

Happy teachers day to all teachers around the world!

Quite a chaotic morning today as my daughter just inform me this morning that she was supposed to bring present for her teacher.

haiya... where am i supposed to buy present early in the morning?...7-eleven aaaa? so lazy to walk laaaa :P .. kakak crying non-stop..even refuse to wear her school uniform.

while thinking idea burst out in my mind... 'hmm..why not we give jigsaw puzzle (we have plenty of it in our house)'

then kakak came to me and mention the exact same thing! so there is an invisible link of mother to daughter ehhhhh...

So its settled that the present will be jigsaw puzzle... kakak stopped crying instantly...with a smile on her face. BUT ayah have to wrap it :)

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