Thursday, 15 May 2008


Its been such a long time i did not updated this blog. well... i'm not a diary keeper type of person. will try my best to update this blog as frequent as possible :)

Today is the last day of conferences organised by my institution. been very busy for the past 1 month preparing for this conferences. My job printing the program book & proceeding, co-secretary ...and the list go on...ha ha ha... so thats why i am so drained out on this last day.
Alhamdulillah ... the printed items came without any error from the printer company, quite a surprise though as normally they will be double image, pages stick together and etc for the coloured pages. i am sooooo happy as this will be considered a job well done.... hoooray!

mental note for NEXT conference:
1) never opt for co-secretary (as the chairman tends to give you extra job.. yaaa... not many people in the meeting room.. so normally you will be given the task discussed during the meeting)
2) NO NO to Registration committee (quite a headache you know dealing with people ...he he)
3) try not to get my hand on printing job.... he he ... will be a bit difficult to run away from this task anymore :(

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