Monday, 19 May 2008

Rice crisp cereal bar

Yesterday I attempted to bake rice crisp cereal bar for my kids. I've put too many rice pop laaaa, so the results is... a fall out cereal bar hu hu hu. tak pe, I still have half of the home baked marshmallow to be experiment again next week.

Home made marshmallow
(b'cos could not find it in hypermarket)

Marshmallow + rice krispie

The taste? a bit sweet...i added choc chip. sedaaaaaaaaap.
Here is recipe for marshmallow and rice crisp.
To Aisha (in case you are reading this) thanks to your sis for this marvelous recipe link that i found from her blog :D

Today I'm going to bake brownies. Adik need to bring some food for Teachers Day event at her class tomorrow.

The ingredient: Cooking choc, all purpose flour, butter and baking powder

haa here is video of Adik during sports day. She took part in 'membawa bola dalam SENDUK'  tehehehe

lari laju sangat, sampai bola jatuh. Dah dapat nombor last :(

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