Friday, 25 July 2008

For sarung bantal..boleh?

almost done.
have to stitch 'Precious' on the top.

think this one suitable for pillowcase. isn't it?

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Break in!

this morning, when i was just about to my first suap of breakfast. i got phone call from office (around 8.45am). break in at one of the lab under my in charge. terus hilang selera makan. jalan ke lab tu tengok keadaan. 14 desktop in the labs gone! almost nak pitam rasanya.

then went to meet bosses (kat sini ramai bos). to inform the situation. makan breakfast tadi cepat2 able to ate 1/2 of it.
11.30 my staff n me went to police station to submit a report. 2.30pm finish giving our statement. lapar gila! went to the cafe and order lunch. 3pm lunch datang. makan 2 mulut dapat phone call from staff cakap police dah sampai kat crime scene. aiyaaaaaaaaaaa.

nak abiskan makan ke tak..

huuuuum. end up i letak the plate kat cafe tu balik cakap nanti datang balik nak finish up the food.

now... nearly 4.50pm... baru setel pasal lab tu.. cafe tu pun musti dah tutup.

memang hari ni Allah tarik rezeki saya laaaaaaaaaaa... lapaaaaaaaar lagi ni :(

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Review: Hellboy 2

kind of funny as the first movie was titled as 'Super Sapiens' (for malaysia market).
the 2nd movie ..tup2 came out as Hellboy. waaaa... guess the filtering guy has a soft spot this time.
watched it last weekend.
the movie failed to impress us. no 'woaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' there. they are still using the lady ability creating massive fire to kill creatures instantly. thats it. nothing new. the dark night. but i think we have to pass or postpone watching this movie as we will be going back to hubby hometown this weekend. ( i predict we are going to his hometown as he has yet to confirm this trip)

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


finally i was able to watch this movie yesterday!
the movie was awesome! among movies that i can watch hundreds of time. boleh masuk my fav. movie list nih. wont write much on the movie as it kind of old already.
how am i able to watch it yesterday? blame it on the heavy traffic jam.
i went to Glenmarie for some project i am working on. normally it will take max. 30 minutes to reach the place. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut yesterday it took 1.5 hours. crazy. kind of sleepy already when i reach the project office.
then 1 hour later found out that there is nothing to do over there. gila laaaaaaa. meaning i have to go through all that traffic jam all over again to Gombak!
fed up already. call the PA telling her i'm taking emergency leave because of this craziness.
end up watching 'Wanted' ...teheheheheheh

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Review: Hancock

watch this movie last night. courtesy from Nuffnang. thanks for the free tickets :)
though its the second time i watch it. we went to watch it last saturday as he feels a bit jealous i got to watch it for free on Monday and he couldn't tag along. ha ha

what i love about the movie? the soundtrack!
need to find out what is the title of that intro song with lyrics of 'get out the way' ... cam best je lagu tu

Today i found out that Nuffnang actually gave out freebies too last night.
i arrived around kind of in a rush to collect the ticket.tak de nampak pom freebies, probably dah habis la. sapa suruh sampai lambat

Friday, 4 July 2008

Sitching kits

he he he

i just received parcel for my stitching kits purchased online.
wa wa wa
its a small design (3 of it). hopefully can finish stitching each of it within a month (lama tuuuuuuuu)
another one is the wedding chart. quite big as the design area is 8" x 14" (using 14 ct aida)
this wedding design will be suitable for gifts. aaaaaaaa... anyone of u is getting married this year??

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Update: Bathroom sampler

after 1 week

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Cheese cake cuppies

baked this for my kids. cuppies cheese cake.

i used 500gm philly cheese and manage to get a dozen of cuppies. 

it easier for the kids to hold and eat up rather than mak have to cut the cake everytime they want to eat it.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008



got 2 free tickets courtesy from Nuffnang. thank you!

aaa... anybody want to teman me for the movie? this monday the 7th.

as hubby for sure cannot teman me laaa... who want to baby sit the kids. 

got to find a date nih...

any volunteer?????