Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Review: Hancock

watch this movie last night. courtesy from Nuffnang. thanks for the free tickets :)
though its the second time i watch it. we went to watch it last saturday as he feels a bit jealous i got to watch it for free on Monday and he couldn't tag along. ha ha

what i love about the movie? the soundtrack!
need to find out what is the title of that intro song with lyrics of 'get out the way' ... cam best je lagu tu

Today i found out that Nuffnang actually gave out freebies too last night.
i arrived around kind of in a rush to collect the ticket.tak de nampak pom freebies, probably dah habis la. sapa suruh sampai lambat


  1. haaa.. sapa suruh lambat...??? hahaha

  2. heh.. rupa2nya dia org bagi freebies AFTER the movie. aaaaaaa..kena stay back. tak stay back pon sampai rumah kol 11.30mlm. nak suh saya stay back keeeeeee? :P