Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Review: Hellboy 2

kind of funny as the first movie was titled as 'Super Sapiens' (for malaysia market).
the 2nd movie ..tup2 came out as Hellboy. waaaa... guess the filtering guy has a soft spot this time.
watched it last weekend.
the movie failed to impress us. no 'woaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' there. they are still using the lady ability creating massive fire to kill creatures instantly. thats it. nothing new. the dark night. but i think we have to pass or postpone watching this movie as we will be going back to hubby hometown this weekend. ( i predict we are going to his hometown as he has yet to confirm this trip)


  1. not so nice eh? thought of want to watch it :D

  2. not so nice in the sense of.. nothing bombastic to awe u and make u want to watch for 2nd time.