Thursday, 17 July 2008

Break in!

this morning, when i was just about to my first suap of breakfast. i got phone call from office (around 8.45am). break in at one of the lab under my in charge. terus hilang selera makan. jalan ke lab tu tengok keadaan. 14 desktop in the labs gone! almost nak pitam rasanya.

then went to meet bosses (kat sini ramai bos). to inform the situation. makan breakfast tadi cepat2 able to ate 1/2 of it.
11.30 my staff n me went to police station to submit a report. 2.30pm finish giving our statement. lapar gila! went to the cafe and order lunch. 3pm lunch datang. makan 2 mulut dapat phone call from staff cakap police dah sampai kat crime scene. aiyaaaaaaaaaaa.

nak abiskan makan ke tak..

huuuuum. end up i letak the plate kat cafe tu balik cakap nanti datang balik nak finish up the food.

now... nearly 4.50pm... baru setel pasal lab tu.. cafe tu pun musti dah tutup.

memang hari ni Allah tarik rezeki saya laaaaaaaaaaa... lapaaaaaaaar lagi ni :(

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