Thursday, 28 January 2010


am now in critical condition.
i am well, safe and sound here.

having problem with supply of EBM (breast milk :P)
dear hubby sudah mengabeskan stok EBM ku yg memang nyawa2 ikan.
coincident plak dgn kesibukan terlibat ngan event kat office.
jadual mengepam kind of very bercelaru.

end terus stok lam freezer.


yesterday asked dear hubby to buy Formula Milk utk stok time emergency.
mak aih...mahalnya susu skang ni!

so...mummy... pleeeeeease rajin2 kan diri mengepam yo

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Back to lampin kain

My model with babyland spongebobsquarepants

A new generation of cloth diapers. meaning we are back again to jaman dahulu kala.

at first i'm kind of skeptical when my friend introduce this to me (read about this on net ages ago but never keen to try).
after di brainwash by dear cikchibi, i browse again on the net and found a very cheap cd to try. so bought 2 pieces. a week later i order another 2 with cikchibi for lunatots brand.

and the rest is history

terus meroyan shoping CD plak dah. now pantang tengok CD kiut miut meronta2 hati ini mengclick butang order. isk isk isk