Friday, 4 July 2008

Sitching kits

he he he

i just received parcel for my stitching kits purchased online.
wa wa wa
its a small design (3 of it). hopefully can finish stitching each of it within a month (lama tuuuuuuuu)
another one is the wedding chart. quite big as the design area is 8" x 14" (using 14 ct aida)
this wedding design will be suitable for gifts. aaaaaaaa... anyone of u is getting married this year??


  1. my brother is getting married.. this august.. ko and family macam biasa dijemput datang.. kad nanti aku anta..

    so, siapkan project tu and balut elok2 and bawak masa ko datang nanti... jgn lupa kad attention to aku.. heheh..

  2. ni adik yg mana satu?

    yg keje kapal tu ke?