Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Silver Jubilee

Not me as i'm way over 25th this year :P. This will be a short post with lots of photos as I'm too sleepy now.

Today is the grand launching of IIUM Silver Jubilee Celebration, the launching was officiated by our Prime Minister.
Now, I have a training today which has to be cut short as all staff need to be at CAC (Cultural Activity Centre) by 4.30pm. I'll elaborate more on the training part tomorrow, quite a horror really.

OK. Back to Silver Jubilee.

PM was supposed to arrive at 5pm, but I think he arrived latter than that.Forgot to bring digital camera, snapping with camera phone instead.

The very first thing that catch my eyes is THIS

Waaaaa.... program book nya lawa gila!
The finishing is Matt laminated, wordings and silver jubilee logo are embosed with UV finishing (I think). It looks so GRAND. I curi satu copy program book lagi (dah org tinggalkan, dia tak nak la tu), going to use it as a sample for next project.

PM with the new Minister of Higher Education and IIUM Rector

PM giving his speech. quite lengthy.

After the gimmick of officiation

No photos or video during gimmick as my handphone run out of memory space. isk..isk..
The gimmick was AWSOME! Gong keluar slowly towards PM (nanti nak korek ngan my staff how they do that). then PM palu gong itu 5 times. after each paluan kluar gema through sound system. lepas tu kami2 smua sedikit basah. b'cos confetti n bubbles falling from ceiling onto us. banyak pulak tu confetti nya. sapa la yang tak bernasib baik kena potong bende2 itu. hi hi hi
The gimmick was prepared by Staff and students of Kulliyah of Engineering. hoooooooray!

The door gift!!!
lets look what inside

A mug


Photos of brownies baked yesterday :)

Brownies ready for Adik to brought to school.
I didn't put any nuts in case there are any kids with nut allergy in her class.

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  1. wah..sdpnye brownies tu...resepi xde ke...hehe