Friday, 1 August 2008

Photos: Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta seems to be a nice clean city. minus the smell of horses in some place of course. mode of transport for tourist is 'beca' and horse carriage. we only try riding the horse carriage once as we could not stand the smell.
We mostly took 'beca'. we are suppose to be exercising while shopping (carrying all the bags and purchase items). but then... with the 'beca' service...suddenly came sooo lazy. as it is rather cheap compared to what will happen to our hands carrying the heavy begs. their charges varried..some asked for 5000 rupiah, 10000rupiah...depends on the distance of journey.

since we ride in hour shopping bags we normally paid more laa.. kesian wooooooooo..penat orang tu kayuh beca.

the funny things is.. Kota Bharu also got 'beca' but how come i never ride one? humm..must try la latter on.

On Monday morning we went to this Istana Keraton..apparently jogja still have their King and he still leave in the istana. The public have access to certain area only such as their ceremony hall. We went there at 8am then found out it only open from 9.30am.
isk.. couldn't wait that long ..still got lots of shopping to do as we have to check out of the hotel @ 12pm and travel back to Solo.
in the end i only snap this one lousy photo in front of the palace entrance.

riding back to Jln Malioboro.. with beca of course.
in Jogja n solo.. every 4 junction road have a monument. as u can see in the photo.

is it another palace?
its a bank la!

arrived at our destination
Beringharjo Market!
shopping time

mosque beside the market

inside the market.
forgot to snap whole market interior

then at 1pm we depart to Solo. but stop first for lunch ..nasi padang..

arrived in Solo at 3.45pm and was inform by the hotel potter that the Klewer market closed @ 4pm. Darn. previously some one else inform us it is closed at 6pm.
we plan to rehat first. but with the news. apa lagi.. trus lock hotel room and took a beca ride to the market.

pengayuh beca tu selamba je jalan ikut one way street. IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION!
kita org dok asik menjerit je (menjerit slow2 laa)
mana taknya.. motor laju2 dok datang ke arah kami...
pehtu dia org belok nak elak kami

huhuhuh..terasa angin laju2 tu.
nak kata horror ride tak jugak
seronok ada la..hehehehe
apparently kalo naik beca jadi cam raja jalan la weh. tak de sapa marah..dia org bagi jalan ada laaaa

ok. tu aja experience. kalo tanya setiap sorang yg join travel ni..for sure dia org jawab ni la


best nya kalo bleh naik beca dari Masjid Jamek ke Jalan TAR :)

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