Friday, 1 August 2008

Photos: Candi Borobudur

one of the many sourvenir shop

The entrance to candi

just after the entrance

the pathway

map n instruction

here we are! ready...get set...

some signage

the candi after one level of step hiking

more rules

while our appointed tour guard was busy briefing the history of the candi, i was busy snapping photos

another one with Mount Merapi in the background

closed up


  1. wow! looks like a very interesting journey. I think I will plan a trip there too. I will refer you later reg' the trip. Btw, what's the hotel name and how to get to Yjog from Solo, and how many hours ?

  2. I took a package which include a coach ride from Solo to Yogja.
    Most of the tourist came to Solo then take a coach as it is much cheaper to buy LCCT - Solo tickets.
    it is a 3 hours flight.

    Hotel in Solo - Hotel Baron Indah
    Hotel in Yogja - Hotel Gradge

    both hotel are good