Tuesday, 3 June 2008

FLOODING in level 3!!!

something surprising happen today. our house is flooding! well i did foreseen it to happen sooner or later. its just that so shocking seeing this once we come home.

its not flooding up to waist level. thankfully. only about 1 bucket of water. he he.
but what freaked me out is that we forgot to pull of the electric plug this morning (things that we normally do). so while screaming at the kids, i tip toed to the ON plug and switch it off. then proceed to clearing all the power extension on the floor and moved the sofa.

moping and clearing the water out

penolong2 saya kepenatan :D

what actually happens is that there was some very heavy rain this afternoon. the drainage system could not cope with the heavy downpour plus drainage from all 26th floor. alas.. for sure there was some fountain at our balcony (from the drainage). its normally happens like that during heavy rain, and my daughters normally will quickly closed the sliding door and watch scarily at the 'fountain'. and i will quickly shift any electrical outlet away from the sliding door in case flooding happen. though it never flood before.

its just that today nobody is around. last time its happened to our dear neighbour :(.

terus hilang mood nak memasak malam ni. dah penat mengemop lantai. sib baik cik abang beli KFC :D

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