Monday, 9 June 2008

The Kite Runner

thanks to McSham for introducing me to this book :)

its a moving novel. a story about Amir and his best friend Hassan. its a flashback from Amir past. the year is 1970. location is Afghanistan before the War between Russia and Afghanistan.
something terrible happen during the last kite flying festival and haunted Amir ever since.
when Russian invaded, Amir and his dad were forced to flee to America.
years later...about 2001, Amir was tricked to came back to save someone from his past.

chapter 9 makes me sobbing through it. its when Amir accused Hassan of stealing his birthday gift. although his Baba (dad) forgive Hassan, much to Amir surprise. Hassan and his dad flee from the house causing Amir's Dad to become heartbroken. Hassan's Dad and Amir's Dad are childhood friend too.

Chapter 17 reveals the most shocking secret. which leaving Amir with no choice other than going back to Aghanistan.


very moving story

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