Friday, 13 June 2008

More Dentist please

Yesterday i had the most agonising 30 minutes of my life. (sakit bersalin is like at least 3 hours agonising time :D). I went to Lim Dental Surgery. Hubby set the appointment for me as i was suppose to set the appointment last week but i did'nt. he he. penakut.

actually yesterday was the follow up visit. last Sunday (1st June) I went to PJ branch after 3 days of tooth ache on the left side. the doctor put temporary filling and i was supposed to visit again after 1 week for her to put a permanent filling.
i dragged the days until Monday (9th June) when i felt sengal gigi on the right side. pulak dah. tu yang cik abang booked an appointment himself. he he. kalo nak harap bini dia nih, dok sakit gigi sampai ke sudah.

then yesterday i forced myself for the follow up visit as it is so painful to eat any solid food (pain from the both side!). after complaining to the dentist about the new tooth ache on the right side, he began attacking my right tooth! sob...sob...sob. then on the left one. he is quite meticulous which i really like. as the finishing for both side make me feel very comfortable with the new filling.
then when i was about to abort the dental chair, the nurse n dentist said.. 'hold on... we are not finish yet'
haaaaaaaaaaa...aiyo.... ada lagi kaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
'i want to clear the plaque'
sakit siot! now smua gigi kena attack by the dentist. well.. now i feel VERY clean. he he he. need to keep it this way.
ish.. need to brainwash my daughters. at least one of them have to become a dentist one day. we need more dentist!

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