Saturday, 16 May 2009

Renovation for new house

I need to do some planning on renovation for our new house. though the house will be expected to be complete in December 2010 there are so many things to plan according to our past experienced in current apartment.
Dulu bolehlah nak buat last minute as kami memang tak de nak renovate gempak2. everything simple je. grille pon tahap paling murah yg kami ambik. sebab tak plan nak stay lama2 kat rumah ni. plan nak sewakan. cat pon tak. tu cik abang kata nak cat later on. tapi up till now...err... dah 3 years stay kat sini, hampeh.... takde penambahan apa pon.

OK. some plan for new house:

1) Lampu2 - kena kira n plan how many and what type of lampu nak pasang. nak beli sikit2 before dapat VP.

2) Kitchen cabinet - top will be concrete (upah different contractor for this). tiles nak beli sendiri. wall cabinet will be up to ceiling. maybe J shape. to measure roughly kat rumah contoh n design again using IKEA software.

3) Hob n oven -- DONE

4) sinki n water tap utk dapur - kena tengok showroom dulu. then bleh survey n beli.

5) Plaster ceiling n cornish - will only do corner cornish, border cornish, and cornish kat tempat lampu n kipas only. need to survey kat mana nak beli. This one will have to wait until dapat VP.

6) Kipas2 - kena kira how many and what type. pegi tengok showroom to decide.

7) Cat - different colour for every venue. dapur tak payah cat lah sebab cabinet nak pasang up to ceiling level. one side je lah kalo nak nampak colour pon. beside other venue dah different colour kan. automatically kitchen cam have its own colour. hehe

8) Grille - wrought iron for main and sliding door. simple horizontal grille for other places.

9) Katil for girls - hmmm...double or single? double kot since kakak penakut yg amat. katil single takleh support both girls together.

10) katil for other rooms - current beds yg dipakai will do. 3 katil alltogether for 3 different rooms. DONE

11) Sofa - living room kena beli baru. looking at the space available, prob. L shape je kot suitable. kecik spacenya. current sofa will be placed at family area on 2nd floor.

13) Meja makan - berdoa semoga meja yg kami berkenan kat Macy still available next yr.

14) wiring - to finalised how many additional point. kena ambik gambar banyak2 kat showroom for planning.

15) alarm system!

16) Rak kasut -  ada cabinet readily available kat luar main door ...but kena upah org utk buat rak2 nya.

17) washing machine - top loading lah. dulu nak front loading...mahel la pulak. top will do. cik abang will beli after rumah dah ready utk masuk.

18) Refrigerator - yg besar punya heh... after rumah ready.

20) Curtain rails and curtains - aiyooooooooo... dah habis idea. later...later...

Hmmm...tu je la kot. nanti tambah lagi.

Bang.. gilo banyak bajet diperlukan!

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