Sunday, 17 May 2009

New project: Jigsaw puzzle by Klaus Strubel

since i have finished my big project last month, today i bought this puzzle as my next big project. small project in between when feeling bored is the small size cross stitch. so far got 2 small WIP xs and 1 big WIP of bead stitch (this one i'm not sure when it will be completed. no mood whatsoever to start it back)

ok... back to the puzzle

currently there are one 2000pcs puzzle hanging on our living room. its a cartoon puzzle. 
since we are planning to move around December 2010 i don't think the current puzzle is suitable to be placed at the new living room. spoil the concept la. so... we need to find a new puzzle which will be placed at family area and this new puzzle will be placed at new living room :)
see... i got around 18 month to finish up this new puzzle. hehe.. wish me luck that it will be completed on time!

Bought this new puzzle today at The Curve. the booth at IKANO offer much cheaper price but its not there anymore (the last time i check when window shoping).
its a 2000pcs puzzle, design by Klaus Strubel. a painting by him and converted into puzzle.
its cost me RM240 ...uhuk...uhuk.
the amoi even try to push me into buying their aluminium frame... cost another RM200+ ...another uhuk.
but i pass... as i explain to her ..i already have a roll up mat design to hold 2000pcs puzzle work in progress. he he... 
kejap lagi kena korek bilik stor utk mencari dimana ku campak itu roll mat.

Another incident happen in the shop. kakak being as tak reti dok diam as she always be. telah menjatuhkan satu 3D puzzle lilo n stich. aiyooooo...
itu casing sudah crack... and gone another RM60

got another post to wrote. about our visit to showroom of Sena 2 at Bandar Seri Putra yesterday. will post it later.

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