Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Front or Top?

Which one do u prefer?

Jgn pikir blue blue aaaa. I'm talking about washing machine laa :p

I prefer front loading.
Pernah guna dua2. From past experience suka duka with pros n cons, I still prefer front loading.

After 10 yrs of waiting - my wish has been granted.

The result?

Abih smua kain aku basuh. Bakul clear u! Without any help from kedai dobi (my helper).

Though it used to take longer time utk satu basuhan. Sekarang tidak lagi dgn option 'Time Management'. Boleh shorten kan washing time - harus diingat, kalo kurang bersih as what u expected tu tanggung sendiri la. Dah u yg nak cepat kan. Kan. They all just bagi option saja.
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