Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Evil hairdresser

Why eh the hairdresser always managed to make u feel guilty for not taking care of your hair! EVERYTIME I visit a hairdreSser doesn't matter the same one or not for sure I got a lecture from them. Hair loss...dull hair ... U name it.
Normally I just take it blunt but today I was totally rob off. Not blamming them of course as the fault were mine.
I mean how can I blame them for scrutinizing me like that:

1) More than a year without a haircut.
2) Not treating my scalp with serum. I did though but stop for the last six mth. Lazziness came to me.
3) Since re-starting as career woman my haircare routine have gone completely haywire.
All above not helping with my hair loss problem and it become worst week by week.

Finally went to hair saloon today, and reluctantly agreed to scalp treatment - scalp scrub, vitamin rub, wash n cut. Perghhh. Got a hole in my pocket now.
Got a new experience too as they use hair spa for cleaning up the scalp after the scrubbing. Like the scalp being pierce by thousands needlepoint... A milder n nice prick by the way.

it left me with a lighter head all day.

What a bliss.
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