Monday, 22 September 2008

There is still some hope for Mak

Its been a year since my Mak had her stroke. it caused the right side of her body paralyzed and she could not pronounce words correctly. it a bit frustrating for her not be able to communicate with us. To motivate her, i explained about stroke to her as much as i know. telling her she might lost or not be able to do what she normally do but she can train her body back to do all that stuff again.

she did managed to fast during ramadhan last year.. and this year too.

she recovered slowly. from lying down on mattress she was able to sit up by herself. she is a very courages lady. when she was staying with my sister last December she managed to walk using a cane and a month later she was able to walk in short distance without any assistance.
she still needs to use cane for long distance walk though and it seem to tiring her but she won't have you holding her hand! quite stubborn too.

her words still quite jibberish and we need to guess what she meant.

Mak has been here (in KL) during Ramadhan this year. staying with my brother. she came to stay with me for 2 days on Saturday.

Yesterday, i was reading Quran besides her. was reading suratul -Baqarah. I left the tv on for Mak. While Mak was well she normally Khatam Quran during 1 month of Ramadhan.
towards the end of Al-Baqarah, i make a mistake in pronouncing the verse. and she CORRECTED me!
Masya-Allah. I thank you Allah for not taking her Quran memory away from her. seems that she memorized the surah. and her pronounciation was correct too.
quite a happy day for me.

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