Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mamma Mia! The Movie is FANTASTIC!

watched the Premiere Screenings of Mamma Mia last night with my daughter. courtesy from Nuffnang. thank you.

the movie was fantastic! best gila!

Non- stop Abba songs with a brilliant story play. all the song fit into the storyline.

Meryl Streep truly is a talented actress. and man she can sing! she can even sing with a proper emotion for the songs. nice voice too.

aha. if u want to watch Mr. x Bond singing (that Pierce Brosnan), go watch this movie. although the first song he sang not that good (look like he tries so hard in singing) but the later song was not that bad.

an enjoyable movie. feel like want to sing along with it.

like it. like it. like it.

p/s: Farah.. ko kene bawak mak ko tengok movie ni.

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