Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Customer service

Situation: am requesting user ID about a month ago. n now only i follow up to the registered ID.
Yesterday called customer service. was given the ID then asked to call specific person to get the password.

M: assalamualaikum. Encik XxxX. saya dari YYY called utk follow up regarding pasword utk sytem MmM.
Mr F: Sorry. i'm not in charge for that system. (firm n short)

M: (Auto mode to polite English) ... but i was asked by the customer service to call you in getting the password.
Mr F: tell your supervisor. i'm not in charge for the said system (firm n short).

M: OK then. tq.

ketuk ketak ketuk ketak (calling customer service again)
X: Hello... aAFda customer service speaking.

M: (auto mode to ARROGANT ENGLISH) ... Hi, i'm bla bla bla from bla bla bla. i called yesterday regarding my login ID. my service ticket ID is GHGHSGFs. I would like to check whether this number your friend gave me yesterday is correct or not. i called that guy and he said to me that he is not in charge of the said job. (reciting phone number)
X. Yes mam. that number is corret.

M: (repeating the phone number twice)...please confirm again the number. can you tell me his full name.
X: yes the number is correct. his name is ASGRARGTBDSG.

M: could you please spell his name out.
X: (spelling patiently). Please called him again and ask for password. mention to him that he is the one approving your application. if possible please mention also your ticket number.
M: OK. thanks.

ketepak (REdial nombor itu mamat).
still in ARROGANT ENGLISH mode (udah org tu pon speaking arrogantly)

M:hello. i'm dafgAGadg. i called just now. i need password for aAGAGa login ID. my ticket number AGAGTRAG
X: give me your LoginID.

M: my login ID is blalalalala.
X: your pasword. XYZOIES.

waaah....BLOODY ARROGANT! i don't know how that guy was hired as someone liasing with A LOT of people.

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