Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year XStitch Giveaway

The items included for giveaway:
Disney Winnie The Pooh book chart
Wedding Sampler chart
11x11" Afgan cushion square (2pcs)
Oval White Craft a cards
14 hole WASTE canvas blue grid
Punktchen - royal blue (kain kaler biru tu)
Bistro table opalescent (bleh buat alas coffee table)

There will be only one winner
Winner will be chose randomly

How to participate?
1) Be my follower or include my blog in your bloglist
2) Post this giveaway link into your post
3) Include in your post about your current work in progress or recently xstitch project with photo.
4) share with me your favourite chart.
5) leave your link post in this comment section.

closing: 31 January 2011


  1. aku nok for free... tok sir wat gapo2 pun... buleh?

  2. keno waaak laaa baru bleh qualify :P

    nanti aku bagi satu xs siap...utk rumah baru mung :D

  3. manarik je wa' xpandai la nk buat...

  4. nak masuk tp xpandai nak buat camana...