Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Trip to South Korea

from 23rd to 28th March 2009

departed from KLIA on 23rd March 1am.
arrived in Seoul around 8am. when doing info stated that the temperature here is around 10 to 18 degree C. before touchdown...the pilot announce that ground temperature is 2degree! what a shock! luckily i did bring winter clothing. err...being pregnant... the only warmer clothing i have in house that can fit me is the winter clothing. hahahaha. yg fancy2 one..spring clothing smua tak muat dooooowh...

First day spent on shopping around Dongdaemon area. we all stay at Eastin hotel, Dongdaemon. very convenient for shopping :).

Photos on first day not with me... not yet retrieved from collegue.

2nd day, went to Busan. visiting one of company which produce robotic equipment/ trainer. saw that there are a lot of hotel nearby the company building. it turns out...there is a hot water spring nearby!

 alive abalone!
arrived in Gumi around 6pm i think.
so jakun with the hotel toilet. tehehehehe
with warmer tuuuuuuuuuuuh......
errrr...jump to Friday....will post photos in between later on...he he
actvity: Panjat bukit Gumi.
will update later on about commentary.
tetiba terasa malas nak menaip daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
what to doooooooo
mood ibu mengandung macam ni la

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