Friday, 31 October 2008

SignalWAVe interface problem

Problem: Cannot connect / communicate from Host PC to SignalWAVe DSP/FPGA board through Ethernet port.

1) Check subnet mask to be match between both port.
in my case, the subnet in the board was set to
i set the subnet for PC as (standard setting)

how to check what is the IP and subnet mask for the board?
i) open SMShell (Application/Program/Lyrtech/SMShell)
ii) make a connection using parallel port from PC to the board.
iii) type smdetect and enter
iv) type ip 
this command will list down the current ip address for the board

iv) type submask
this will list down the current subnet address

2) Ethernet port IP address for host PC should be set to a higher number than the rest of boards IP address.
e.g. the board IP address
PC IP address should be at least

since the boards can be connected in 2 ways, 1 using ethernet and another is using the parallel (rs232).
while troubleshooting the communication problem using ethernet i tried to run a program using parallel port. my goodness... since the baud rate is 9600 only.. the program was sooooooo slow.. and hanged.
thats why been trying my best to troubleshoot it.
the supplier advice me to disable firewall in an attempt to eliminate cause of problem.
today is my 2nd day troubleshooting..alhamdulillah... finally manage to solve it.
now need to move to programming part.
i just realise that we were only taught halfway on using the board. up to hardware co-simulation. nothing on transferring the program into the dsp or fpga.
now need to do some more reading.

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